Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vampires: We Love Them

I used to like facebook, until it turned into Stalker-ville. Now, one of the only reasons I still log-on is to play Vampire Wars. It's the only application I use and it's vampire-tastic. Last night, while I was completing missions and battling clans - I totally sound like a bad ass right now - I began to wonder why I'm so obsessed with vampires. More than this, what's with our society's general obsession with them? The vampire theme has exploded all over Hollywood, but our vampire-love has always existed ... if only underground. 

Lots of people shy away from anything mystical and, if you think Harry Potter is the Devil, why on earth would you dabble in vampires (even morally upright, vegan kinds who match perfectly with your sequined clutch)? And yet, I'm sure there's still a secret pull: that's how taboos work.

Ps. for those of us who are real vampire fans: Lestat would totally kick Edward's ass. BOOM! To the (new) moon. Oh snap!

Lestat: So ... Have you bitten that tasty morsel of a girlfriend yet?
Edward: I don't drink human blood.
Lestat: You're a vegan?
Edward: I just can't stomach myself. I'm a monster.
Lestat: Oh, Edward ... you're such a p*ssy.

I buy and watch anything vampire (or supernatural, for that matter). I even discovered Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000 before anyone else wanted to drool over his abs (you floozies!). I have the books, I search the artwork ... and there's nothing dark, gothic, or morbid about me. I'm just intrigued. Why?

I think it has to do with seduction (cliche', I know). There's just something so attractive about a character who personifies our most basic urge. It seems so freeing: to be fatally attractive (by your very nature), basically indestructable (unless you piss off the local pitchfork waving villagers), and free to explore the darkest taboos without fear or self-consciousness.

I guess that's it: the freedom a vampire fantasy represents. That's probably also why the concept is so threatening to religion - it gives us the opportunity to live vicariously through someone with no moral obligation and no limit (unless you like garlic with your salmon).

So ... what is something taboo that interests you?
Because, I gotta tell you, I rock a pretty mean vampire in Vampire Wars ... who also happens to like running around in her underwear ...

(latest fashion-a-day ... the kitties felt like jumping in):

Yes: picture one and two are the same outfit.
I wanted you to see the beautiful construction of the hoodie.
(kitty number 1: Mamba ... kitty number 2: Kemnebi)