Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Wish I Were a Call Girl

I'm a bit of a fiend for shows of a certain nature. Case and point? One of my favorite shows is 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' on Shotime. It is also one of my favorite blogs. Based on fact, it's fabulously unapologetic, seductive, and completely magnetic. It makes me wish I had that kind of literary freedom - you know, the kind they call anonymous.

Naturally, those of us who write blogs are pretty confident in our opinions. For better or for worse, we usually give two shits about our opposition. Anonymity is a different kind of beast, all together. It allows the discussion of personal details without having to be cryptic. It allows complete honesty without knowingly hurting people's feelings (and receiving judgements for certain opinions).

Isn't that what life consists of on a daily basis: the struggle to maintain one million different (changing) versions of ourselves? Humans are are social creatures, we constantly encounter changing social situations. Juggling the changing nature of our lives often takes certain finesse - especially if you expect to maintain relationships.

Take me, for instance. On a day-to-day basis I am the employee, activist, volunteer, girlfriend, sex kitten, daughter, student, over-achiever, writer, and fashionista. Those are only a handful of personas making a regular appearance! And, to think, I could freely encourage all of my opinions through a simple, anonymous blog.

It seems so easy ... and, yet ... counterproductive. I mean, we have to assume that I crave recognition for my writing. All writers struggle with it. Do you write for the pleasure of it or do you write for the pleasure of being received? It's a strange balance to find and it comes with the territory.

Writing blogs about people I don't know and making passing judgements is a conscious kind of writing.Writing about the truth is much harder ... the truth hurts people. Gabbing about the latest on you-know-who ... even if it happens to be your grandma ... is a regular social occurance. Only as long as grandma doesn't find out ... which is nearly impossible. Thus, you are invisibly bound to be polite about your opinions and, in being polite all the time (if you're like me), you relish in (and envy) anonymous blogs!

In my envy, I've devoured archives and archives of past posts ... I adore this woman. As for the series and the blog, I suggest you dive right into the muff  ... When else is it okay to read a sex-blog - laughing openly as Belle guides you through foreign territory with wit and style? Whilst you may not be getting paid for it, I bet you'll relate to her at least once. Who knows, maybe you'll start sharing your own stories!

Go, ye, my adventurous readers! Go out and find your own, inner call-girl! Cause everyone's got one ... and, if you don't, you'll certainly want one after this!
Cheers to that!