Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Things I Know ( And Things to Remember) Thanks to Ghana

The first rule of Peace Corps is to re-write the rules ...

1. Be grateful for every day, even the bad ones.
2. It truly is the little things that matter most.
3. Kindness comes in so many forms, it'll blow your mind.
4. Expectations have no place in the world; they ruin the joy of spontaneity and the many unexpected kindnesses of every day.
5. Hugs are the best medicine, as is laughter (which, conveniently enough, happen to be universal).
6. Loving yourself is the only way to truly love the world
7. You are always the student, posing as the teacher. Always.
8.  Exploration is the key to a life well-lived.
9. We are not superior because we have more, nor should we hang our heads in guilt or shame. We should be grateful (understanding that no system is perfect) and then we should forget the system exists completely and remember, simply, that we’re talking to another human being.
10. Having a little hope, a little determination, and a little faith in those around you is important, but having empathy is always better.
11. Follow your dreams for you, and never lose sight of that.

Here's to hoping we all apply some of these rules in the new year