Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Like that Saying About the Trees in the Forest ... I think

In addition to spending the last few days brainstorming new 'blopics' (aka. blog-topics), I got a lovely new piece of technology to show off! My dad finally decided to relieve me of the tiny, bullet of a phone I've had for 6 years. This is the same phone that, on multiple occasions, has randomly shot itself out of my hand and into strangers faces when the moment least called for a phone-to-face confrontation. Thankfully, I got an 'upgrade.'

Pictured above is my brand new 'Tap.' Conveniently named for it's touch-screen capabilities, I'm surprised at how quickly I've adapted to life without buttons. Yesterday I attempted to touch the screen of a friend's blackberry ... multiple times ... and, upon realizing my idiocy, I shifted focus to the rolly-ball and had much more success.

What I really want to know is how an 'upgrade' could be applied to society. would it be like one of those easy buttons in the OfficeMax commercials? Could you take one look at your date, decide you want to push the big red button (conveniently located, for emergencies, in your purse), and suddenly, *POOF,* Gerard Butler: instant upgrade?

And, if we're really talking serious here, how does one go about earning an upgrade? Because you couldn't just hand them out randomly to people who didn't deserve them. I know for a fact that in most 'upgrade' situations, one person always gets more than another for no reason whatsoever.
(Unless, of course, it's like that old saying about the tree falling in the forest: if you don't see the upgrade, then it never existed.)

So how would we 'judge' society, in order to measure the upgrade-ability of a citizen? Because, without some kind of rule, there would most certainly be pandamonium ... especially if a date with Gerard Buter was on the line. Random side-note: does anyone care about how fictional Gerard Butler feels about being needlessly telaported from upgrade-date to upgrade-date on an hourly-basis? Yeah, me either ...

Upgrades. They seem a necessity until you realize that they're all about unfair competition for favorability between people. Then again, what's life without a little 'upgrade'? If anything, it brings reality into focus - even if reality looks completely ridiculous at 10X.