Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's the Craziest Thing You've Done ... In Bed?

that's my cat's: 'fashion' face

Hello! Okay, so as I promised, above are the last two days of my 'fashion-a-day' project. Because I work all weekend (and there's nothing fabulous about an apron), I'm running around in my undies today and don't plan on taking any pictures ... I figured I would save everyone the fright. Unfortunately, my neighbors don't have the same option: OOPS! Let's talk 'stories,' shall we?

A couple of nights ago, I attended a friend's bachelorette party. Oh, the bachelorette party ... aside from being a chance to embarass the bride with 'toilet- paper dresses,' penis straws, and public scavenger hunts, some people see it as a last-ditch effort to recount all of the silly, embarassing single things the bride did before she met her match. Once she starts talking (before or after a few martinis), it's everyone else's turn to compete for the most squeel-worthy account. Often times, cliche words like 'total skank' come up, and we start trying to explain away our behavior with these self-chastising, sterotypical labels. It's as if everything a girl has ever done must be locked into a 'husband-proof' safe and never spoken of again. But why?

I'm pretty sure most guys don't react this way ... sure, he doesn't want her to know everything he's ever done as a single guy, but he most certainly doesn't shove all his behavior underneath the marraige-rug. From my experience, a majority of married men act worse - especially in public when they're galavanting around without their wives. Of course, I understand that (working in a bar) my experience with married men may not be the best, but I've heard lots of strip-club (etc,.) stories from my married girlfriends - all of them normal, happy couples. So what's with our refusal to transition smoothly into the Twenty-first Century? Why do we insist on keeping these out-dated, stereotypical (and very Catholic) versions of ourselves for no good reason?

Is the world ready for a bunch of sexually self-confident women who refuse to call themselves promiscuous? Will the threads of our society become frail and crumble? Don't get me wrong, the night was pretty fabulous ... I just think I'd have a lot more fun if I didn't feel like calling myself a 'hooker' every two seconds because, every once and a while, I like to act like a guy.