Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If I'm a Rolling Stone, Where's all my Moss Growing?

I've fallen in-love. With who, you wonder (or, rather, what)? Well, with The Satorialist blog. If you're at all interested in pictures of people from different places (who are also stylishly unique), I'd suggest you fall in-love too (the blog is listed to the right). In addition to falling in-love, I've decided to be a copy-cat. The difference? My daily fashion subject is me.

I have no idea if this seems interesting to anyone else. Most people aren't as excited about style as I am ... most people equate it with pulling teeth ... others find it completely effortless (the bastards). My obsession, on the other hand, comes from the belief that feeling good about how I look helps filter pride into other parts of my life. It's about reflecting my personality - looking good for me, myself, and I.

Personal mantra aside, I've decided to try out this whole 'fashion-a-day' project in the hopes that I might be able to witness a personal evolution or two. Every post from now on will be accompanied by a photo (or a few, depending on the days that fall between) ... an introspection, of sorts ... kind of like that one guy on youtube who took a photograph of himself every day for six years and turned it into a cool 'evolution' montage. If you haven't seen the video, it's kind of cool (and inspired plenty of copy-cats that are equally cool). Here's the link, just in-case:

This project also comes with the strong feeling that my environment needs a little evolution. I'm sure my poor boyfriend thought I'd gone completely bonkers last night. I went rummaging through the house, cleaning clutter, talking about how I could rearrange the furniture to use the space better, frantically discussing my need for art to fill up the space. I have no idea what's gotten into me, but it's opinion about the colors on the walls is very strong.

With the Peace Corps standing over my shoulder, I've begun to shy away from discussing my chances of going to Africa with anyone. I think I'm afraid of jinxing what would be the biggest experience of my life - the experience that would frame what I did with the rest of my life. I want it so badly, I'm starting to falter in my confidence and need a strong dose of good ju-ju. Maybe this project (and the one involving my house) will be what I need to find my confidence again. It's like smiling. If you want to feel happy, all you need to do is smile = faking it is the quickest way to feeling it.

While my fingers are crossed, I wonder: What do you do to boost low confidence? And, while we're on the 'evolution' track, how would you track your evolution in a year (or six)?